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domingo, 15 de abril de 2007


I am a newbie making ATC's ,I just started this month and I already made a few that I will like to share with .Let me know your feedback. This are a series of nine I made, Raggedy Dolls Series.
This ATC is one of my favorites because I love kids and I love saxophones so I mix both of them and made it. For the background I usede tissue paper with butterflies on it and stamped some corcles out of a cap from a shampoo.That is lovely.
This is another one made out of tissue paper.I love the kid and his stuff toy.

This Atc is for those who are in love. They are kissing under the moon.

Ihope you like them.Please leave comments and give me more ideas. Right now I am in a few ATC's swaps. I am hooked with this .If you want to trade just let me know ,I will be glad to trade with you.

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