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miércoles, 28 de marzo de 2007

Tea swap

I just recieved from my friend Valda from Australia so many beautiful things as you can see. There are some nice Australian teas ,Austrlian lavander (smells delicious) ,a handkerchief with an embroider pink rose (wich is my favorite flower) , a cross stich lace cloth (adorable) that reminded me of my great grandmother , a nice cloth from W.A.,a rosey bookmark and a pettite rose card. Everything was recieved with love, happiness and joy.Thanks Valda


viernes, 23 de marzo de 2007

This little lambs are made for my daughter Genesis ,when she was going to preach at church ,she just wanted to give them away. She is only five years old and she made the one in the center,her name is Pancha. We made this lambs in cardstock, for the face we draw and cut a heart shape; for the ears we made a smaller and longer heart shape and cut it in the middle. We cut some nice and colorful flowers and glue them on top of the head,painted eyes,nose and mouth and that was a nice and easy proyect that was done fast with help of little hands. Nice for spring ahhh.

jueves, 22 de marzo de 2007

Crafty Blog

This is the beggining of a craft blog.I will be posting on sewing, crochet, paper crafts, beading , doll making and many more crafts.We will enjoy. God bless you.